Give me a million dollars, baby

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Hollywood Producer Tom Rosenberg tells of how his business with the Teachers' Retirement System, $220 million allocation, was suddenly not approved. Rosenberg was a principal in Capri Capital, which sought business with TRS. He's also the Oscar-winning producer of the hit "Million Dollar Baby."

Rosenberg said he later learned from Bill Cellini that Tony Rezko and Chris Kelly were upset with Rosenberg because he historically had made loads of money with the state but failed to cough up anything in return. Cellini relayed to Rosenberg that the talk was that Rosenberg had to turn over more than $1 million to the governor's campaign fund.

Rosenberg said he grew angry.

"I told him that I wouldn’t give them a dime," Rosenberg said. He added "That I would walk away from the business before I ever did. I told Cellini that I would take them down.
I told Cellini I would tell this story on the corner of State and Madison. That I would tell this story to Gov. Blagojevich. I told them if there wasn’t a grand jury in session against Rezko and Kelly that there shortly will be.

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