Duffy to Levine: 'Do you have telepathic powers?'

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Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy chides witness Stuart Levine for his answers regarding a transcript review. Levine tells Duffy he corrected Rezko in a conversation when Rezko misspoke.
The correction is not obvious.
"Do you have telepathic powers, Mr. Levine?" Duffy asked. "Tell us where you corrected him?"

Levine points him to another part in the transcript where Levine uses the correct name. (He didn't technically say: Tony, you're wrong.)

But what just got a chuckle from courtroom observers came when Duffy gave it back to Levine a little bit.
Levine, continuing to avoid answering "yes" or "no" to any questions told Duffy he couldn't answer his question: “I’ll have to refer you to line 10,” Levine answers.
Without missing a beat Duffy calmly, but sarcastically replies: “I’ll have to refer you to my line of questioning."

The judge already instructed Levine to answer the questions. Through all of this, the prosecution has been pretty quiet.

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