Rezko trial: Levine 'enraged' at drug use allegations

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How much money did Stuart Levine spend monthly on his use of illegal drugs?
This is a point of contention between chief government witness and Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy for much of the afternoon so far. Duffy shows check after check that Levine made out to cash. Some months totaled $40,000, others $28,000. Levine said he used the cash on bribes, "gratuities," cash gifts, and to pay caretakers for his father.

But Levine estimates he spent $2,000 a month and $20,000 a YEAR on drugs. He came up with that calculation, he said, just weeks before taking the witness stand. He read in the newspaper earlier this year that he was spending $25,000 a MONTH on Crystal Meth.
Levine specifically said remembers "distinctly being enraged at reading the Chicago Tribune," over that report.

"I made that calculation," Levine said. He said of that estimate: "so outrageous was that figure that I took a moment to reflect and figure out approximately how much I was spending on drugs."
The Sun-Times reported that same estimation about drug use -- it came from a defense filing.

Levine is delivering his testimony in an unflinching manner. However, today's $2,000-a-month drug estimate doesn't seem to square with what Levine testified to earlier: that he spent $1 million on drug use between 2001 and 2004.

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