Does political fundraising equal corruption?

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A highlight exchange this morning with Stuart Levine back on the stand and Joseph Duffy still asking questions:
Duffy: “You would agree with me that political fund-raising is different than engaging in a corrupt transaction?”
Levine: “It can be.”

Duffy gets Levine to talk about trying to ingratiate himself with the Blagojevich administration in 2003.
Duffy is trying to show that Levine reached out to Rezko because Levine had no connections to the Democratic Party. Levine, a longtime GOP fund-raiser needed connections with the new regime in order to maintain his own influence over two boards. Levine used those boards to pocket money through deals he made. But Duffy will try to show that Rezko lacked those motivations.
Duffy: “Access alone is not corruption?"
Levine: "No, sir.”

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