Charges at the Purple Hotel

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We're back in this morning and defense lawyer Joseph Duffy is going through Stuart Levine's credit card statements -- pointing out different dates Levine stayed at the Purple Hotel.

The main date in question is Nov. 2, 2002 when Levine had a $761.87 charge to his credit card at the hotel. Levine previously testified he met Tony Rezko that night.
How could Levine have had a meeting with Rezko the same night that he took part in a drug binge at the Purple Hotel? Levine quibbled that the date might be wrong -- saying the date of the transaction on his credit card statement might be different from the date he stayed there.
"I have no recollection of it, so I suppose it’s possible but I don’t have a recollection of it," Levine said.

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Well, Levine's memory sure is a lot better than the Clinton's ever was.

I don't think the jury will be pursuaded by the defence's "lack-of-recall" arguement going back nearly six years.

It's a lot better than mine has ever been. I don't remember things from a month ago let alone 3 or 4 years ago, maybe I should switch from oat meal to Special K for breakfast like Mr.Levine.

The corruption in this case is huge. All we hear is Rezko is corrupt and Levine is too corrupt to be believed. You need more witnesses to get a conviction and that requires dropping more names. Cutting more deals. You need to bust this wide open. The people need this misappropriation of massive ammounts of money to cease.

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