Cari depressed but says mind is clear

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Joe Cari has testified that he was introduced to Gov. Blagojevich’s inner circle through Blagojevich’s former campaign manager and transition chief, David Wilhelm.

“David is one of my closest personal friends for 20 years. He was a pallbearer for my wife,” Cari said.

That led to a discussion about Cari’s state of mind since his wife’s passing from cancer in 2002.

“Had your wife passed in 2002?” Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid J. Schar asked.

“Yes sir,” Cari replied.

“Since that time, have you been on various medications for depression?”

Cari replied yes.

“Are you on medication now?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you feel it affects your ability to remember events or occurrences?”


Later, Schar asked, “from time to time, does it take a little longer for you to digest everything?”

“That’s a very fair way of saying it,” Cari replied.

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Now comes the collaboration necessary to back up much of what Levine had said and things he didn't say as well. Other's that will testify and taped conversations should provide the "burden of proof" to not only put Rezko away but will open the doors of justice on other schemer's in high places!

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