Can prosecutors pick up the pieces?

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After Tony Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy is done beating up Stuart Levine this week, can the prosecution make their star witness credible again?

Read today's story: Star witness badly tarnished -- again

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Absolutly! There are plenty of tapes to back-up Levine, he has proved he isn't smart enough to have pulled this off himself. Plus, anyone with any integrity would have walked away from Rezko or turned him in.
I wish the prosecution luck, but I don't think they'll need it.

It's just hard to see why it matter's that Levine is a dirt bag. What do the allegations against Rezko mean- that he's some great guy being framed by Levine- no.

As a parralel look at the Kieferbaum, Levine and Hurtgen case. They go and "set up" an "accidental" meeting with the CEO of a hospital to show their power and connection. Two out of the three have pled guilty. Just because Levine was with Hurtgen and not Levine does that mean Kieferbaum was not guilty- well he already pled guilty. I don't know but I don't think that just becuase Levine is a dirt bag that he will be percieved as a "bad witness".

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