Blagojevich back in the hot seat

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This didn't come up at the Tony Rezko trial.

But it will.

Ali Ata, a Rezko associate and co-defendant in Rezko's other case -- a loan fraud indictment that's still pending -- said he was in Rezko's Chicago offices with the governor when he handed over a $25,000 campaign check.

More details in the story we just posted online: Ex-aide pleads guilty

Ali Ata
Ali Ata leveled some serious allegations against the governor today.

Ata says in his plea deal today that he had multiple discussions with Blagojevich about getting named to a state post as his reward for campaign donations.
Why did prosecutors rush to get Ata's plea deal today, which was not previously scheduled?

Ata could be called as a witness in the Rezko trial.

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I think I can hear the canaries warming up.

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