Aiham Alsammarae and Tony Rezko

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Look for our report this weekend detailing who's behind bailing out Tony Rezko from jail last week.

It includes three properties posted by former Iraqi Electricity Minister Aiham Alsammarae, who in 2006 fled from Iraqi prison. Alsammarae's $1.9 million equity in his Oak Brook home and two other properties made up more than one-third of the $8 million in properties postes to ensure Rezko's bond.

Rezko was released from a downtown lockup April 18 after dozens of friends and family members posted nearly 30
properties to secure his release. He was arrested Jan. 28 after failing to disclose an overseas wire transfer.

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Dear Natasha and Chicago Sun Times Reporters,-
This link has some very curious information, some of which, I include below. If true this raises some questions for Sen. Obama (and some eyebrows) - Is this property linked to the bail of Tony Rezko?
"Examine the Cook County land records:
"The deed for the house that the Obama’s purchased for $300k less than the asking price is from Frederic Wondisford and his wife, Sally Radovic, to the Obama’s Northern Trust Company Land Trust #10209 (established as such for “confidentiality”) is dated 15 June 2005 and is recorded 21 June 2005 as Document #0517233010. Declared value is $1,650,000.00.The deed for the vacant lot is from Wondisford/Radovic to Rita M. Rezko. This deed is dated 15 June 2005 and recorded a day earlier, on 20 June 2005 as Document #0517133004. Declared value is $625,000.00. Examination of the Cook County records very clearly indicates that Rita M. Rezko conveyed the entire lot to Obama’s Northern Trust Company Land Trust #10209 on 11 January 2006 and recorded 16 February 2006 as Document #0604733162. Declared value is $104,500.00.VERY IMPORTANTLY, thorough and careful examination of all Cook County land records fails to locate a deed back to Rita M. Rezko from the Obama’s Northern Trust Company Land Trust #10209.There is a “wild’ deed indicated from Rita M. Rezko to “5050 S. Greenwood LLC”. This is an Illinois limited liability corporation with the same address as Rezmar Corporation that is registered to the indicted Tony Rezko. (This deed is considered “wild” because it is not supported by any ownership deed from the Obama’s Land Trust.) Furthermore, Tony Rezko’s registered corporation, 5050 S. Greenwood LLC, then pledges the entire vacant lot in favor of a mortgage THAT IS STILL OPEN with Fifth Third Bank for the amount of $375,000.00. This is Document #0703357023 recorded 2 February 2007. THUS, THE ENTIRE VACANT LOT IS TITLED TO SEN. BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA (IN THEIR LAND TRUST FOR CONFIDENTIALITY) AND ALLOWED BY SENATOR BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA TO BE PLEDGED BY A TONY REZKO CORPORATION TO SECURE A LOAN.
This is contrary to what has been stated by Senator Obama; contrary to what has been stated by Senator Obama’s campaign staff: and contrary to what has been reported. It must be noted that a seemingly intelligent Harvard educated attorney does not make such unknowing errors as stated above. The above is obvious intent not “oversight”.
The home property description is 20-11-115-034-0000
The (entire) lot description is 20-11-115-035-0000
Originally, the entire piece of property was one that the Obama's could afford purchase, they pressed for the split. To do this, the county had to assign two property descriptions for each conveyance...and so that they could close on the same day as insisted by seller.Thus, to answer your question, which can very easily be sell only a portion of the lot, there would have to be assigned two (new) property descriptions for the lot...but that was never done and, obviously, not desired or requested.Proof positive that Obama and Rezko are partners. Everything that he said was false...Note, too, that Obama's campaign stated that Rita Rezko sold the lot to Michael Sreenam, one of her husband's the fable goes, for a make the whole scenario plausible..."
full post available at above noted link.

One hopes there will be follow-up on Anna's posting.

People need to know this information . Why was it not reported to the news agenies?

There is another curious posting that looks at the very odd way this property seems to have been "divided" and questions concerning Michelle Obama's seat on the board of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks. Please follow the link to the report.
How To Buy A Mansion You Can't Afford
by truthteller2007, Mon Feb 04, 2008 at 08:11:07 PM EST
JP, Michigan - I don't know if either of these individuals who researched and reported the information attempted to contact the media. Frankly, the only news people that seem to have the guts to dig into this story are the Sun Times Reporters and that's why I submitted the link and info as soon as I found it, hoping they would allow the posting.
Sun Times Reporters - please let us know if this information is valid or not. Thanks again for your outstanding reporting. And Bravo on the well deserved award you received!

What is with this Alsammarae guy, he escapes from Iraq, his $160 million dollar Chamchamal deal falls through, he's wanted by Interpol, he's seen in a 60 Minute report "Sate of Corruption" with George Bush. Rezko, Mahru,Frawley and AlSammarae were all partners to build a Electricity plant for Iraq which turned out to be a scam. In the Human Events report "The Fugitive" he said that he went to school with Rezko at ITT back in 1970. Dosn't the F.B.I. have some sort of relationship with Interpol, some kind of obligation to deliver him back? He has already been found guilty in Iraq.

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