A name we haven't heard at Rezko trial

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Earlier today, City Club board member Kathy Posner introduced former State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka as "A woman
who should be governor of Illinois, whose name will never be mentioned at
the [Tony] Rezko trial" at a City Club luncheon Wednesday. The luncheon promoted Karen Abbott’s new book about Chicago’s best-known brothel, the Everleigh Club.
The crowd erupted
in applause, prompting Posner to add, "If all of you had really voted for
her, she'd be governor, so a lot of you are being phony in this room."

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I voted for Topinka and I'm a lifelong democrat. Sexism is wonderful in America. People need to understand that being a man doesn't make someone more qualified.

We need to go beyond the party line and look at the person. That's why I voted Topinka!

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