A meeting and a fiery exchange

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In an attempt to torpedo one of Stuart Levine’s most significant allegations against Tony Rezko, defense lawyer Joseph Duffy
spends part of the afternoon going over a meeting at the Standard Club between the Rezko and Levine.
It was during that meeting in 2003, that Levine contends he and Rezko decided to divvy up $7.8 million in kickbacks from various firms who had business before the two state boards that Levine sat on.
The two met alone on the fourth floor in a private room at the Standard Club. That much is backed up by a recorded phone call and a receipt.
But so far, we have Levine’s word on exactly was said that night -- and his secretly recorded conversation with a friend discussing what was said that night.
Levine testified that Rezko agreed to walk away with $3.9 million in illegal kickbacks in his share alone.
Levine said the money would be run through his friend Dr. Robert Weinstein and then kicked back to Rezko and himself with Weinstein also getting a share.
But Duffy picks apart the recorded conversation with Weinstein, saying it could be read that Weinstein and Levine were simply going to split the money, with Rezko not getting a share.

Levine: “That is a complete misrepresentation of the conversation between Dr. Weinstein and myself.”
“If you were getting $3.9 and Dr. Weinstein were getting $3.9 would that equal $7.8?” Duffy asked.
“Yes sir,” Levine admits after a long pause.
But a more fiery exchange happened earlier this afternoon after Duffy suggested Levine asked Rezko to help keep a contract afloat with the state, but the state didn’t renew the contract.
Levine made $300,000 a year on the consulting contract from CompDent.
Duffy raised his voice, asking Levine that didn’t he the jury “over and over again how powerful Mr. Rezko is,” and that Rezko could get anything approved?
Levine yelled right back: “Yes, sir I did.”
Duffy asked if Levine told the jury Rezko could get any contract he wanted.
“Didn’t you say that? yes or no? Didn’t you say that, Mr. Levine?
Pause: “Yes sir,” Levine said raising his voice.

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I guess when Obama is asked about his past political record, his dealings with Rezko and Auchi are called
"Community Organizing"

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JP, michigan : Which article please?
interesting read: Obama's Iraqi Oil for Food Connection http:www.americanthinker.com

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