A Hollywood producer, star witness & Ed Vrdolyak in a room

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What happens?

Tom Rosenberg, who is testifying with immunity from prosecution, just described a scenario in which he meets with Ed Vrdolyak to talk about the estate of a friend, the late multi-millionaire Ted Tannebaum.

Rosenberg has just described how he and Stuart Levine loathe one another. The two had a falling out where Levine allegedly was inappropriately asking Rosenberg for money.
Rosenberg said he didn't talk to him after that.

Then they ended up in Vrdolyak's office.

Vrdolyak tried getting the two of them to put the past behind them in a follow-up meeting over Tannebaum's estate. (Vrdolyak was the lawyer handling the deal).

"He told me not to be a jerk and to say something nice," Rosenberg said.
Rosenberg said he allegedly told Levine when he walked in: "I’m sorry we had a falling out but you were asking me to do things I couldn’t do."

"We lied to each other for a few minutes, (Levine) told me how he used to like me and I told him how I used to like him," Rosenberg said with a straight face.
This got a laugh from the courtroom audience and some jurors -- something that's been pretty rare in this trial.

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Cudos to Tom Rosenberg for resisting the lucrative sleeze. This trial is making Hollywood look clean compared to Chicago politics.

Wonder if this will make for a good film for some producer...

Interesting that Tom Rosenberg testified with immunity. What did he have to trade to get immunity. Everyone on this case received immunity. What is this all about? I don't think he was clean if he was clean he would not need immunity and he would have been a witness to a crime.

I think it would make a good film but he'll have to narrow down the charactors, too many are listed in this trial.

Isabella, Great point. Maybe he is going to testify against Cellini in an upcoming to-be-announced trial. Cellini, Kjellander and Hurtgen must be getting the wagons ready. They are clearly next on the hit list.

google: kjellander & Hurtgen the pension pirates

Isabella, great point and interesting, I think he's a really smart lawyer who's been around the block a few times and probably has the best lawyer money can buy, from what I've read so far. He didn't need council to know to get immunity before he started to testify. I think this trial is a great learning experience, thank you again Natasha for bringing it to us.

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