Who's giving Blago the big bucks

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Just one person raised more money than Tony Rezko, evidence at trial showed.

Today the government put online an electronic version of two charts put into evidence Thursday. They spell out Blagojevich’s top contributors and fundraisers from 2001-2004.
Rezko holds the No. 2 spot with $1.4 million.
FBI Special Agent Charles Willenborg put together the first chart based on information contained in a Blagojevich campaign database obtained by the government.
Another witness, Kelly Glynn, who once directed campaign finances for Blagojevich and maintained the database, said sometimes contributions brought in by Chris Kelly were credited to someone else.
On cross examination, she said Kelly's $475,000, could actually be higher. (Which the defense was hoping jurors would then conclude Rezko's numbers cannot be trusted.) Kelly was another top fund-raiser and adviser to the government. He also was recently indicted on tax-related charges.

Here's the names and dollar amounts:
FOB Chart 1

FOB Chart 2

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The public probably assumes that Rezko influenced the political careers of Blagojevich, Obama, and many other local politicians. I would hope the Sun-Times investigates the ties to "the many other local politicians" as this comes more to light.

It is amazing to me . Rezko has had a 17 -20 year relationship with Obama, who is running for president of the USA. Little to nothing is given about that relationship. From everything I have read Rezko has been money man behind Obama since 1992. The American people need to know the real facts of Obama past, present before the media hands him our future. Rezko has had his hand in business regarding Iraq as well as Chicago.

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