We could hear tapes today

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Prosecutors want to play recorded phone calls between Stuart Levine

and former health planning board chairman Thomas Beck. Beck was at the helm when Levine allegedly struck corrupt deals with Rezko while on the planning board. Levine's home phone was wiretapped and hundreds of conversations were recorded.

The defense doesn't think Beck's calls should be allowed. But Judge St. Eve said she'll probably let the government play them.

The morning closed after testimony from Donald Jones, a section chief at the department of public health. Jones' testimony centered on an application to build Mercy Hospital in Crystal Lake. Jones witnessed a health board planning meeting where a board member changed his "present" vote to a "yes" vote after Levine whispered in his ear. Defense lawyer William Ziegelmueller is questioning Jones, who is up again after the lunch break.

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Interesting...now, what board is Michele Obama on? (2) No court today? Oh well, mississipii is over, they can mention Barack again tomorrow...What a total stitch up to keep Obama's name out of the trial

I read that Michelle Obama worked on the Board of a Hospital, if so, does it have any relation to what is happening? Also the National Enquirer just released their latest issue on Sen.Obama and REZKO. Why isn't the MEDIA covering this. Is it because it will TARNISH Sen.Obama's Reputation. If it would have been Sen. Clinton it would have been BREAKING NEWS.

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