Victor Reyes comes up in Rezko trial

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Victor Reyes, who has wielded clout as an Hispanic Democratic Organization leader and former Mayor Daley patronage chief, added to the list of political heavyweights involved in an $81 million controversial deal to approve a suburban hospital.
Reyes was a lobbyist for Mercy Hospital in 2004 -- the same time Rezko and businessman Stuart Levine were allegedly putting in the fix to pass the project and make money on the side.
Levine essentially testified today that Reyes was used.

When Mercy got approval, Levine said it "appeared Victor Reyes' political clout on behalf of Mercy would get it done." Instead, it was Rezko who had stacked a hospital board and put forth "marching orders" to a five-member bloc to approve the hospital. Levine said he and Rezko split a bribe from the deal.
Levine testified that at one point Reyes showed up at Rezko's office the same time that Levine, Rezko and Chris Kelly were discussing Mercy. Rezko allegedly told Kelly to talk to Reyes and keep him from seeing Levine in his office.

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