The money's flowing

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Let's recap some payments at the Tony Rezko trial.

Testimony at Tony Rezko's trial on the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board so far:

--Thomas Beck said he wanted reappointment to the board so he saw Rezko at his Chicago office.
Beck brought with him a $1,000 contribution to Gov. Blagojevich. He was appointed chairman.
--Beck testified a hospital lawyer was looking for a consultant to help get his projects through on the hospital board. Beck recommends his "cousin," former Chicago Parks Supt. Ed Kelly. Kelly was paid $80,000.
-Dr. Imad Alamanseer just testified he gave Rezko a $500,000 loan. He was appointed as a board member.
In 2005, Rezko returned the loan and then some: Alamanseer got $800,000

We haven't heard testimony yet about bribes.

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