Rumor: Obama to be called as witness

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Just minutes into the Tony Rezko trial this morning, the first rumor hit — that Rezko's lawyers plan to call U.S. Sen. Barack Obama as a witness. Not true, said Rezko's lawyers, dismissing the idea. Rezko was a campaign fund-raiser for Obama during his successful 2004 run for the U.S. Senate.

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tHE sad part is that he only gave the money back after he was caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by the news, chicago sun times

You're right josh...further more, he apparently didn't give it all back, or to charity, plus nobody questions the $250,000 in 2004 and lets face it, who wants a numb nut, who can't justify his real estate deal,running America!

How did Barack get the money to buy house,land,etc.follow the money

Maybe Obama's tax returns can give an idea as to how he managed to afford the house. I understand that Mr's Rezco had a mortgauge on the plot of land, which sold for $600.000 (yeah right) and I'd like to know how prime land sells at that price and how she got a mortgauge, seeing as she only supposivly earns $35.000 pa and her hubby was bankrupt, apparently... It's all one con after another and nobody is asking questions!

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