Rezko's office

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It was the place to meet on "most" Mondays

Since this might get overlooked tomorrow, I should add a few things about witness Jennifer Thomas. She's the former Blagojevich employee who worked directly with Joe Cini, the governor's onetime patronage chief.
Thomas testified that she and Cini visited Rezko's Chicago office on "most Mondays" between late March of 2003 through June of that year. She brought with her a spreadsheet of open positions on various state boards and commissions to Rezko's office so they could talk over how to fill vacancies. They would also talk about how Rezko's favored people were faring in the vetting process.
"We were keeping track and letting him know what was happening with his candidates," Thomas testified. Thomas also testified that if Rezko had a request, she was told to drop everything and get to it.
Defense lawyers tried to take it down a notch, and through their questioning, Thomas said the meetings only lasted about a half an hour and some were canceled.
Ultimately, jurors heard Rezko was allegedly so important in Blagojevich's administration, Cini took this business to Rezko's office.

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I am interested in knowing just to what extent the Clinton's play with Rezko as I have been reading that they have received campaign funds from 3 of the 5 co-defendants including Stuart Levine and Joseph Cari, Jr.

The Clinton's are very close to Gov. Brad Blagojevich's. Everyone is reading about it online but cannot seem to find anything about this in the mainstream media.

Why are they dictating the countless questions the media should be asking Senator Obama and we can't seem to have them also be accountable.

Thank you!

The Clintons are also very close to the POPE, but you don't see them purchasing a house and garden together. It's seems pretty obvious Sen. Obama is involved somehow. I hope we find out soon, because I'm afraid it will be too late.

This testimony is incredible. Rezko was directly ordering Blagojevich's staff who to appoint! It wasn't can you give this guy an interview. It was appoint this guy and do it now!

It's incredible!! Rezko controlled the Governor of Illinois' staff. Who knows how many kickbacks he received? I think we just have the tip of the iceberg with the hospital scandal.

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