Rezko Trial: Cash for Obama

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Barack Obama tells the Sun-Times today Tony Rezko raised more for him than previously thought

Obama has returned about $150,000 in Rezko-related donations. But today he told the Sun-Times that figure might be higher than previously reported.

While Obama's campaign fund is expected to play a small role in Rezko's corruption trial, it is expected to come up nonetheless. Rezko is accused of getting straw donors to kick money into Obama's 2004 campaign fund. That's when Obama was running for U.S. Senate. The money allegedly came from a kickback scheme. Obama isn't accused of any wrongdoing. The Sun-Times first revealed Obama was the recipient of that money in January.

Here's today's Sun-Times story.

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Total lapse of judgment and integrity.

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam, God damn America, my home sweet home, God damn America, my home sweet home....

These are much stronger than the allegations made before, but I think Obama has done the right thing.

Our nation's campaign finance laws will never be 100% foolproof.

Influence peddlers like Tony Rezko are a cancer on the body politic, and no one is immune.

But Obama did as well as any candidate can be expected to do. In fact, he's done better than most, because he's not only returned the money Tony Rezko gave him, he's tried to purge every penny Rezko ever raised for him.

Compare that to Hillary Clinton, who still refuses to return money donated by International Profits Associates execs, as well as the money they raised. Totalling about $170,000, i believe. IPA has been charged with one of the largest sexual harrassment cases ever in the Midwest, involving 103 women who work at the company and say they were victimized ruthlessly. IPA head John Burgess was convicted of soliciting a 16 year-old prostitute, and is among the Clinton donors at IPA.

Read it here.

Obama is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans.....

During th debate, Obama acted stunned when he heard Rezko's name and said something to the effect that he only worked for him for a few hours.

Now Obama is trying to convince the American people that he never knew his minister and anyghing about his preachings.

Obama should just step down and let Hillary be the nominee.

Obama is and was a political lier.

What about Rezko and his merry band of contributing cronies like Auchi and Al-Sammarae and their donations to Obama's Presidential campaign? So far the focus has been on Rezko's contributions to Obama for the Illinois Legislature and Senate campaigns and not on the millions of dollars that have been funnelled into the Obama campaign under phony names. Fully 35% of Obama's individual donors failed to cite an employer or a verifiable address or a SS number according to the Federal Elections Commission records. The amount of money this represents is staggering--over US$50million!

Surprise, surprise when the Senator's donor lists for his Illinois and Senate runs are examined, there is a similiar descrepancy between 'individual donors' and verifiable individual donors.

Once a trick works, then it is a shame not to do it again.

Mr Obama seems surprised that people are starting to ask some tough questions on his beliefs and political connections. Does he feel that he is immune to inquiries? He admits that he had made some poor choices in his associations, not a good quality for someone who wants to be the President of the most powerful nation in the world.

His explanation of his relationship with Rev Wright was far from believable. You mean to tell me Mr Obama that you were surprised that Rev. Wright hates America and everything it stands for.

How many Sunday services did you miss over a 20 year time frame.? That is over 800 Sundays. Its obvious your wife attended more then you.
Tell us Mr Obama are you proud of being an American?

People say things like oh well Obama's doing the right thing and giving the Rezko donations back. Are you people stupid. The house deal is criminal and that will come out in time. Obama helped rezko get the contracts for 11 buildings in HIS !!TH DISTRICT! All of them remain boarded up and useless! This is criminal. Rezko was paid 10's for thousands to fix up these buildings so that the homeless elderly could live there!
Wise up if you'd like to maintain any form of a good quality of life here in the US. BE careful the choice you make may be the difference between falling deeper into a 3rd world type of status or remaining the worlds super power.

You have heard about Rezko and Obama's connection to terrorist William Ayres of The Weather Underground, What is really mind blowing is his well documented ties to Rashid Khalidi; how they served on The Woods Foundation together and made grants to palestinian fron groups. Don't believe it? Google "Obama Khalidi" Take a good look into pandoras box.

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