Rezko witness list includes Hollywood producer

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As jury selection got underway this morning, a federal judge for the first time revealed the list of people expected to testify at the trial of businessman and political fund-raiser Tony Rezko.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve quickly read from the list, which appeared to lack any political bombshells.
Included was Thomas Rosenberg, a Hollywood producer allegedly shaken down for a political contribution as he sought state business.

Rezko appeared somewhat relaxed in court this morning. He smiled wide, whispered and at times chuckled at friends and family sitting in courtroom benches behind him.

Since Jan. 28, Rezko has been housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center downtown. He was given a black suit to wear to court this morning and arrived in the courtroom without a tie. Deputy marshals allowed him to put one on once inside the courtroom.

Rezko took notes and listened intently as St. Eve interviewed 26 prospective jurors this morning.

While Rezko’s lawyers had complained about pretrial publicity tarnishing their client, more than half of the jurors said they hadn’t read, seen or heard anything about the trial in the news since they filled out their juror questionnaires in January.

Rezko is accused of shaking down firms for illegal payments in exchange for steering state work their way.

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Did Rezko have input in getting exquisite appointments for Michelle Obama and Barack's associates?

Is the list of witnesses publicly available online in a pdf anywhere?

Jimmy W-

here's a partial list- Cari not on here-

-- Stuart Levine, star witness who sat on two boards and who pleaded guilty to abusing his position on those
boards by allegedly scheming with Rezko so the two men could make money.
--Dr. Imad Almanseer, former Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board member.
-- Thomas Beck, Former Cook County comptroller and former chairman of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.
-- David Evans, president of Glencoe Capital, which sought money from Teachers Retirement System.
-- Deborah Harmon, a former member of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board member.
-- Charles Hannon an alleged co-conspirator and husband of Fortunee Massuda, who was a member of the Health Facilites Planning Board. Hannon allegedly talked with Rezko about getting investments.
-- Jacob Kieferbaum, the contractor used by Chicago Medical School, where Stuart Levine was a board member.
-- Jeffrey Ladd, former longtime Metra board chairman and a prominent Republican.
-- Dan Mahru, Rezko business partner in Rezmar Corp.
-- Elie Maloof, a Rezko friend who runs Maloof Investments. Prosecutors say Maloof gave a straw donation to Obama, who donated the money to charity.
-- Scott Parish, former staff member at Teachers Retirement System who evaluated investments.
-- Sheldon Pekin an alleged co-schemer.
-- Thomas Rosenbergs, former owner of Capri Capital, which got state pension investments after he balked at a $1.5 million donation to Blagojevich. Rosenberg was producer of Million Dollar Baby.
-- Michael Winter, a former Rezko business associate.
-- Jennifer Thomas, former assistant to Joe Cini, the governor’s patronage director or Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.
-- Semir Sirazi, former Rezko business associate who claims Rezko owes him millions of dollars.

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