Rezko trial: Talk will turn to kickbacks

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Businessman Sheldon Pekin to take stand next

Pekin will take the stand next this morning in Tony Rezko's trial. He will testify about splitting a "finder's fee" with Stuart Levine and Rezko.
Prosecutors say that money was routed to Rezko through others. Some of that money ended up in Barack Obama's campaign fund though Obama isn't accused of knowing about it.
Whether Obama's name will surface is not known. This moves us into the Teacher's Retirement Systems board portion of the trial.

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I wonder whether in the field of human politics has so much attention being paid to a presidential candidate like Barak Obama. The thing is the more negative the reports the more it looks like the news media is out to get Barak Obama. the pendulum will swing the other way. It is understandable that people want to virtually X-RAY a Presidental Candidate and sees what make his political clock tick. Well keep on X-Raying because so far Barak Obama keeps coming back swinging and punching and explaining and getting more likeable and more popular. It got something to do with compassion for the man that is kicked and spat on and beaten down but gets up smiling and saying sorry I have offended you sorry that you hate me I understand and I extend a hand of forgiveness and freindship.
All this about picture(s) from Africa, association with so and so, is negative publicity and raises the sympathy factor for Barak Obama. It's time to move on and talk of things that matter like world peace and climate change and energy freindly programmes. Let America decide by the vote in Florida and Michigan. American's are not stupid they know when there is fairplay and right now there needs to be a level playing field and the same equal X-Ray standards to all Presidential candidates so that America can sympathise equally with all Presidential Candidates.Let the people decide. Let democracy work. Let the people of America including Florida and Michigan speak.Errol Smythe.

The Clintons' have suffered as much or even more abuse than Obama and for years longer. I think that is what Hillary was trying to tell Barack regarding the vetting that she experienced. He pretty much shrugged it off with some comment about having lived through Chicago politics. He is in the big league now. If he wins the nomination, there will be much worse to come. This campaign has not been as dirty as they have been in the past, but racism has caused a rift in the Democratic party that is going to take more than just "Can't we all just get along" to heal.
Whoever wins the nomination will undoubtedly suffer the loss of many of the opponents supporters.

Media coverage galore on Barak Obama's Speech.Heart and soul rending speech . It is hard to bear your soul under the scrutiny of the public eye. Good speech Barak. Internet blogging and internet surfing. Internet chatting. Election 2008 .
We are all men. The strong must help the weak.We can agree to disagree and still forge on ahead.
Every country in the United Nations have their own constitutions and still they forge on ahead hoping to bring about world peace.It is time to move on.Move on to other important things.
Important things like climate change, clean energy, consumer spending and world peace are important to a sustainable global economy.
Barak Obama has made a good speech and we should respect that.Errol Smythe.

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