Rezko trial: Star witness tells of deal with Kjellander and Cellini

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Stuart Levine continues to drag big names into the Tony Rezko corruption trial. And before we ended for the week this afternoon, he set off some more fireworks bringing in the names of political heavyweights Bill Cellini and Robert Kjellander. Levine said he did a favor for Kjellander by getting a $150 million investment for the Carlyle Group with the Teachers' Retirement System board. Levine sat on the board. Kjellander represented Carlyle. Levine said he didn't expect anything in return -- but he later got it.
After the TRS board approved the investment, Levine said Cellini paid him a visit. Cellini told Levine that he no longer had to pay Kjellander $75,000 for work Kjellander did on behalf of a company Levine represented. "I was very pleased with that," Levine told prosecutor Chris Niewoehner.
Levine said the forgiven debt amounted to a personal benefit he never disclosed to TRS -- even though he was supposed to.

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