Rezko trial: Star witness could be up this afternoon

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Sounds like Tony Rezko's chief witness in the trial, Stuart Levine, will be up soon.

Levine could take the stand not too long after the current witness, Molly Phalen, is through with her testimony. (There may be one more short witness). Levine's testimony is supposed to take about a week.

Phalen, a modest-looking, soft-spoken 6th grade teacher, served on the teacher's retirement systems pension board. Phalen talked about the honest way of doing business on the board. She did her homework, taking boxes of papers home and reading them.
Levine is expected to talk about his dirty dealings. Another witness from the hospital board said Levine never read anything before meetings.

Phalen talked about a number of TRS board votes ending up 5-4, divided by who was politically appointed or connected and who wasn't. One of the votes involved the appointment of the TRS executive director. Those who were politically connected ignored protests from the others, circumvented the selection process and hired Jon Bauman. Phalen said she and others objected, they had a candidate selected by search firm waiting in another room. Bauman came out of the blue, she said.
They protested, but: "It basically fell on deaf ears," Phalen said.

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