Rezko trial: Slowing down

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Cross examination of Molly Phalen at the Tony Rezko trial slows to a crawl.

One more witness is scheduled before star witness Stuart Levine takes the stand. That's Tom Gray, an outside lawyer for the Teachers' Retirement System. Gray isn't expected to take long. But neither was Molly Phalen, a TRS board member who is still on the stand. Her cross examination is so slow-moving, even Rezko was seen resting his eyes for a minute. The delay though, could mean we won't hear much, if anything from Levine later. Stay tuned.

An addendum...This is an example of what we were listening to in court before Stuart Levine took the stand:

Quotes from Phelan, starting at 3:20:





Between the two slates submitted, that's correct.


Yes, I am struggling over that.

Correct. Correct. Yes.

I really can't. If there was instances, it was few and far between.

In most instances.

Not always.

I'm sorry, say that again please.





I'm sorry . . .


No, I can't.

END: 3:25

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