Rezko trial: Putting it in perspective

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Star witness Stuart Levine's allegations that Ed Vrdolyak took bribes is the first time ...

Levine has accused Vrdolyak of accepting a payment.
Levine's allegations, which Vrdolyak's lawyer call untrue, put Vrdolyak in the middle of a business-as-usual, political corruption scheme. That's a culture Vrdolyak has long denied being part of.
But Vrdolyak was called "Fast Eddie" in part, because of his ability to slip from the grasp of the feds. But in 2006 they charged him after Levine started talking to them.
Vrdolyak is charged in connection with the sale of a pricey piece of downtown real estate. Levine says Vrdolyak schemed to illegally make money off the deal but the transaction didn't go through. He's set to go to trial in September and Levine is supposed to be a witness.

Recently at a Vrdolyak court hearing, his attorneys made a veiled reference to other allegations that prosecutors planned to introduce at his upcoming trial. Is this stuff what they were referring to?
Vrdolyak lawyer Michael Monico charged Tuesday night that today is the first he's ever heard of these allegations.
And the alleged bribes took place so long ago, the statute of limitations probably expired, he acknowledged.

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