Rezko trial: From millionaire to bankrupt?

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Witness Stuart Levine tells us in near breathtaking detail about his millions of dollars of misdeeds.
But how much money will he turn over to the feds as punishment? $5 million. How much has Levine turned over so far? $1.8 million. Sounds like a lot at first blush.
But after the millions of dollars Levine talked about handling in various not-for-profits, it seems like chump change.
Levine testified he and his wife, Sheri, have assets of more than $4 million. but he didn't expect to benefit from her share of the assets. Sounds like she's filed for divorce, but just before prosecutors talked about that, the defense stepped in so the jury didn't hear.
Levine has not been wearing a wedding ring. However, it sounds like Levine hasn't worn a ring in years ...

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That is sooo sad when the wife of a man who commits treason, steals from children, sick people and sick children has to give the money back. That poor thing, please tell me she doesn't have to get a job. What would be sadder than that? I hope Dan Frawley doesn't have to forfit his security contract what will he do for money? Maybe the Chicago Police Dept. will take him back, and maybe his sister will give him a break on his rent.

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