Rezko trial: Ethics 'just for show'

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Before the lunch break, Stuart Levine talks about a new ethics ordinance that Gov. Blagojevich put into place that in part banned ex-parte communications, or private talk by board members about board business.

Levine said Tony Rezko told him not to worry about the ethics ordinance because no one "of any consequence" would abide by the new restrictions, "They were just for show," Levine testified Rezko told him.

Levine also talked about his visit by the FBI in May of 2004. He said he had just spoken with Rezko the week before. He said of the meeting: "It had a serious effect on me."

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It's good that all state employees in the trenches now know that they are inconsequential, since they are forced to take the ethics tests each year or be fired. Nice to know it means so much, too. But then they all knew that, long before the general public. They had Milarod's number within the first 6 months of his first "reign."

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