Rezko trial: Defense wants to call Levine's wife to stand

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Tony Rezko's defense lawyers have subpoenaed Sheri Levine, the wife of top prosecution witness Stuart Levine. Levine has been on the stand for the last two weeks talking of multi-million dollar illicit deals, and dropping names of high-profile businessmen and politicians.
Sheri Levine's lawyer moved to quash the subpoena today, according to court records. She is protected by marital privilege, her lawyer argues.

According to the filing, Sheri Levine was served with the subpoena March 24. Sheri Levine's lawyer argues she knows nothing about her husband's relationship with Rezko.
The two have been talking divorce, according to sources, but are still married, according to the filing.
That allows Sheri Levine to o use the marital communications privilege which, "protects statements made in confidence by one spouse to another during a valid marriage."

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