Rezko trial: Defense complains of repeat calls

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Defense lawyers say it isn't fair for the prosecution to replay the same recordings with different witnesses.
In this case, the prosecution just played a tape of Stuart Levine and Sheldon Pekin talking. Levine is on the stand now, but when businessman Pekin was on the stand the jury heard the same tape.
In the meantime, the government says power-broker William Cellini will not be called as a government witness.

Judge Amy St. Eve said she'll allow the repeat as long as they're not lengthy recordings.
Prosecutor Chris Niewoehner said only two conversations have more than 30 pages of transcripts: they include that of Robert Weinstein (a longtime Levine friend and associate) and William Cellini. Niewoehner said neither will be called as government witnesses.

Levine spends the last 15-20 minutes talking about getting two $125,000 payments to Joe Aramanda. Rezko had asked Levine to funnel the money, which came from a TRS finder's fee. That same money was to go to Dick Mell before Mell said he wouldn't participate in the scheme, according to Levine's testimony.
Levine's testimony mirrors that of Pekin's, which jurors heard earlier in the trial. Prosecution is likely hoping that that two witnesses' testimony about the same transaction underscores the evidence and makes their chief witness, Levine, believable.

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When are more people going to connect all the dots to Obama? Aramanda made over $10,000 in contributions to his campaigns in 2003 and 2004. See for yourself:

I think you missing the point of this trial. It is a trial about the millions skimmed to people conected to both political parties for doing business with the State.

This is about Cari, Big Bob K, Rezko, Blago, Hurtgen, Kelly and others who seemingly enriched themselves of millions of dollars. As the USDOJ stated "it was pay-to-play on steriods".

There are bigger fish to fry here than the $10,000 given to Obama (later given to charity).

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