Rezko trial: Crystal Meth and Special K

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Stuart Levine returns from lunch and discusses his extensive drug use.

Levine said he regularly did cocaine but switched to Crystal Meth and Special K.
Levine said he snorted the drugs in their powder form, including while he worked at his offices at the Hancock Building downtown and in his Deerfield office.
"I’d prepare them in lines ... 1/2 inch long and very, very narrow," Levine said.
The effects of euphoria and lowered inhibitions lasted several hours, he said.
Levine said he withdrew nearly $10,000 in cash every week to help pay for drugs. From 2000-2004 he had spent $1 million on drugs.
He pretty much stopped his drug use in May of 2004.
Why? The FBI had paid him a visit about his illegal dealings on state boards.
"I was afraid of being caught," Levine said.

Levine said he usually did drugs while out of town during overnight sessions with friends. His drug use slowed down in Chicago area though.
He took the drugs at his Highland Park home: “on very rare occasion.”
"I didn’t wish to be caught," Levine said. "We had a housekeeper, children and my wife all coming in and out of the house."
Levine said he'd more frequently use drugs at parties with five other male friends at the Purple Hotel in Lincolnwood and in Springfield, paying $1,000 per night for the drugs. Levine said he paid for all the drugs that his friends used.

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So he actually stopped the drug use just because FBI paid him a visit? I am sorry but I don buy that because I happen to know that cocaine or crystal meth are hard drugs and you need time and serious efforts in a drug treatment program to loose the addiction from these drugs...

Nice to know your info.Its so bad about his wife she be there for money purpose like her husband.


Crystal Meth Addiction

Don't tell me his wife is that stupid, she was in it for the money just like her husband. I hope the defence does get her on the stand. The prosecution should make her take an I.Q. test, if she scores above a 7 they should prosecute her as well.

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