Rezko trial: businessman to face questions

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Sheldon Pekin, who told of a kickback scheme with Tony Rezko and Stuart Levine, will face defense questioning today.

Defense to cross examine Sheldon Pekin, whose company won a $50 million investment with the state's teacher pension board. Pekin and another witness, Greg Turk, have set the stage for the trial to move into a scheme involving the Teachers' Retirement Systems board. That will open the door for testimony from Levine, the chief witness in the trial.

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One of Hillary Clinton's campaign associates, supporter in California had dealings with Rezko thru businessmen of Hillary's camp. I forget the name of the guy. He has been with Hillary for many spanish voter's enticement. Suppose that picture of the Clinton's in the 90's with Rezko actually was a friendship for many years between both of them? Then ask who is bundling Bill and Hill's cash for campaign funds???

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