Onetime Metra chairman takes the stand

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Former Metra board chairman Jeff Ladd testifies against Rezko in trial

Ladd's testimony in Rezko's corruption trial brought on a big laugh.

Ladd, who also worked as a health care lawyer, said he met with Rezko because he wanted to know who he'd be dealing with on the hospital planning board. Ladd said that it's just like getting to know a judge before you walk into a courtroom.
"You don't walk into a courtroom without knowing a judge," he said.
"Aren't they always fair?" Prosecutor Reid Schar asked, poking fun at the comment.
Ladd went on to say everyone carries their biases.
"I'm gonna stay away from it," Judge Amy St. Eve said, throwing her hands in the air.
"I'm glad I'm not here tomorrow," Ladd said.
"You hope you're not here tomorrow," St. Eve shot back, getting a big laugh in the courtroom.

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