Obama's remarks good for Rezko

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Obama says Tony Rezko never asked him for a favor and he still considers Rezko a friend even as his trial is underway.

Is Tony Rezko still a friend? Presidential hopeful Barack Obama told the Sun-Times Friday that indeed he is:
"with the caveat if it turns out the allegations are true, then he's not who I thought he was, and I'd be very disappointed with that.''

Obama went on to talk about their relationship, saying Rezko never asked him for a favor in 17 years.
"Probably because I'd known him for a long time, and he'd acted in an aboveboard manner with me," Obama told the Sun-Times. "And I considered him a friend. ... It's further evidence that I'm not perfect.''

Rezko's lawyers have said they had no intention of calling Obama as a witness.
Might they reconsider? This all sounds like pretty good defense testimony.

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Hilary's reality. Why her campaign pulled the race card. Since she's made most of her morning appearances on ABC, it's a small wonder that they were the first to come out with Obama's preachers video. When you read the following numbers, you will realize the only way she can win is to destroy Obama. Clintons are taking down the Democratic party with them, and they don't care. Wolfson let slip that Obama was UNELECTABLE the morning the videos came out. He denied saying it, but it was recorded, so he couldn't. A very strange thing to say unless you knew what was in the works. Obama has to distance himself from the preacher now of course, and Clinton knows this 1: it will cost Obama black votes 2: the videos horrify white voters If she snags the nomination this way, she will only be torn down by McCain in November. Clintons deals with the Saudis, Russians, THEIR OWN DEALS WITH REZKO, not to mention the pending fraud lawsuit in California will all come out and finally BURY THE DEMOCRATS FOR A GENERATION OR TWO. The party leaders should put this to bed, or file for unemployment benefits.

2008 Democratic Popular Vote

Popular Vote Count

State Date Obama Clinton Spread
Popular Vote Total - 13,281,132 49.5% 12,577,409 46.9% Obama +703,723 +2.6%

Popular Vote (w/FL) - 13,857,346 48.5% 13,448,395 47.1% Obama +408,951 +1.4%

Popular Vote (w/FL & MI)* - 13,857,346 47.5% 13,776,704 47.3% Obama +80,642 +0.2%

Mississippi 03/11 255,809 60.8% 155,686 37.0% Obama +100,123 +23.8%

Wyoming 03/08 5,378 61.4% 3,311 37.8% Obama +2,067 +23.6%

Texas 03/04 1,358,785 47.4% 1,459,814 50.9% Clinton +101,029 +3.5%

Ohio 03/04 982,489 44.8% 1,212,362 55.2% Clinton +229,873 +10.4%

Rhode Island 03/04 75,316 40.4% 108,949 58.4% Clinton +33,633 +18.0%

Vermont 03/04 91,901 59.3% 59,806 38.6% Obama +32,095 +20.7%

Democrats Abroad 02/21 15,214 65.8% 7,501 32.5% Obama +7,713 +33.3%

Wisconsin 02/19 646,851 58.1% 453,954 40.8% Obama +192,897 +17.3%

Hawaii 02/19 28,347 76.1% 8,835 23.7% Obama +19,512 +52.4%

Virginia 02/12 627,820 63.7% 349,766 35.5% Obama +278,054 +28.2%

Maryland 02/12 532,665 60.7% 314,211 35.8% Obama +218,454 +24.9%

District of Columbia 02/12 93,386 75.3% 29,470 23.8% Obama +63,916 +51.5%

Louisiana 02/09 220,632 57.4% 136,925 35.6% Obama +83,707 +21.8%

Nebraska 02/09 26,126 67.7% 12,445 32.3% Obama +13,681 +35.4%

Virgin Islands 02/09 1,772 89.9% 149 7.6% Obama +1,623 +82.3%

California 02/05 2,126,600 43.0% 2,553,784 51.6% Clinton +427,184 +8.6%

New York 02/05 751,019 40.3% 1,068,496 57.4% Clinton +317,477 +17.1%

Illinois 02/05 1,318,234 64.7% 667,930 32.8% Obama +650,304 +31.9%

New Jersey 02/05 487,046 44.0% 597,329 53.9% Clinton +110,283 +9.9%

Massachusetts 02/05 511,887 41.1% 704,591 56.6% Clinton +192,704 +15.5%

Georgia 02/05 704,247 66.4% 330,026 31.1% Obama +374,221 +35.3%

Minnesota 02/05 142,109 66.4% 68,994 32.2% Obama +73,115 +34.2%

Missouri 02/05 405,637 49.3% 394,400 47.9% Obama +11,237 +1.4%

Tennessee 02/05 251,692 40.4% 335,745 53.9% Clinton +84,053 +13.5%

Colorado 02/05 80,113 66.5% 38,839 32.3% Obama +41,274 +34.2%

Arizona 02/05 193,126 42.4% 229,501 50.4% Clinton +36,375 +8.0%

Alabama 02/05 300,143 56.0% 222,897 41.6% Obama +77,246 +14.4%

Connecticut 02/05 179,720 50.6% 165,406 46.6% Obama +14,314 +4.0%

Arkansas 02/05 82,476 26.3% 220,136 70.1% Clinton +137,660 +43.8%

Oklahoma 02/05 130,130 31.2% 228,480 54.8% Clinton +98,350 +23.6%

Kansas 02/05 27,172 74.0% 9,462 25.8% Obama +17,710 +48.2%

New Mexico 02/05 71,396 48.0% 73,105 49.1% Clinton +1,709 +1.1%

Utah 02/05 70,414 56.6% 48,766 39.2% Obama +21,648 +17.4%

Delaware 02/05 50,467 53.2% 39,984 42.1% Obama +10,483 +11.1%

North Dakota 02/05 11,625 61.1% 6,948 36.5% Obama +4,677 +24.6%

Idaho 02/05 16,880 79.5% 3,655 17.2% Obama +13,225 +62.3%

Alaska 02/05 6,674 75.2% 2,194 24.7% Obama +4,480 +50.5%

American Samoa 02/05 121 42.5% 163 57.2% Clinton +42 +14.7%

Florida 01/29 576,214 32.9% 870,986 49.8% Clinton +294,772 +16.9%

South Carolina 01/26 294,898 55.4% 140,990 26.5% Obama +153,908 +28.9%

Michigan* 01/15 - 328,309 55.2% Clinton +328,309 +55.2%

New Hampshire 01/08 104,815 36.8% 112,404 39.4% Clinton +7,589 +2.6%

(*Obama Not on Michigan Ballot; Iowa, Nevada, Washington & Maine Have Not Released Popular Vote Totals)Login | Register | RSS

Obama seems to have "selective memory". He didn't remember the amount of money Rezko contributed to his campaigns (he was off by over $100,000) and he can't seem to recall ever hearing Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racist and America Hating sermons. No one contributes $250,000.00 to someone's campaign without expecting something in return. Nobody believes Obama when he says after 20 years with this Pastor as his "Spiritual Advisor and Mentor" he doesn't know anything about Rev. Wright's hateful, racist and anti-USA views. It is really scary to think someone like Obama could possibly be President of the USA.

His "judgement" campain slogn is in deed in question. Rezko, Wright and Ayers are all his "friends." And he knew nothing about any of their activities!

Does Obama truly believe that he can continue to say he knew nothing and ask the American people to believe this? He "denounces" Wright after 20 YEARS! Does he not know that Americans are well aware of the conversation between himself and Wright early last year regarding ending their relationship while he runs during the Primary? I am a Democrat, but I am an American first. And I believe that the majority of Americans, regardless of their party affiliation, feel the same. Obama has ran his campaign on rhetoric as a "uniter" of ALL Americans.
Obama needs to step down from this campaign nomination. He speaks of his "honor." Then it is now time for Obama to do the honorable thing. Step down. It is time for Obama's actions to meet his words.

Why do people continue to blame Hillary? It's getting laughably stupid now.

Hillary told Pastor Wright to make inflammatory comments for 20+ years?

You people are grasping.

Hillary told Rezco to deal in shady business practices?

Oh I get it now, Hillary is at fault for her sins, as well as Obama's sins?

Works out well for Obama and his supporters who keep holding onto the lie that he's not like EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN out there. Maybe he shouldn't have run on that platform given all the skeletons tumbling out of his closet.

While I understand no one is 'perfect', after reading a number of books on the Clintons, especially Hillary, I have come to realize they are FAR from perfect !
They apparently will do anything and everything in their quest for power. Their tactics and lies are astounding but the media seems to choose to keep them hushed up. It's absolutely deplorable the things they have resorted to to work their 'Plan'.

America needs to open their eyes and become better informed through reading the reports, records and books that are available before exercising their right to vote.

We don't need even 4 years of Hillary or Bill in the White House again.

What we've experienced in the past 20 years hasn't worked for American's, unless you're tied into money, so maybe we need to give a 'new person' a chance to bring Americans together and get us back to the basics.
Also, this 'race' issue needs to stop as all are created equal and have the same wants, needs, thoughts and desires.

Barack Obama offers the best chance of getting back on track to what America stands for everyone. Hopefuly he can make all of us stop and think and work together to build the USA back up after being torn apart and trashed by the Bushes, Clintons and Bushes.

Just who is perfect: You can have a friend,who is just a friend and not know that their personal business are. Yes if Obama thought the friend was working to make it easier and better for the poor people he had worked with for a long time,then he would be a friend to them. Now finding out that he really wasn't trying to help the poor would sadden him very much. From what I can see he tries to give anyone a chance to prove their selfs. I believe Obama is basicaly honest.That he would keep his word and work for the poor and middleclass. I realy do not want Clinton Bush Clinton Politics in again. Yes Mrs. Clinton worked with Mr. Clinton while he was president and he would work with her now. They say people that live in glass houses shouldn't through the first rock. She has, and the things that went on during his years as President were not good. They were connected with scandles and political sceams.This is very sad. Now she wants something to tear down a person, who has tried to campain on a higher level. There are a lot of people like me that feels that way. We need change and she isn't change. Wants the nomination no matter that she is tearing the party apart and she is. She is giving the presidency to Mc Cain, on a plater, as if she gets it through dirty politics then we will vote for McCain although don't want him. She isn't giving the party time to pull together before the election. They should now be working on pulling the party together,and plans for the country. He is a thoughtful man and is also trying to get the best advice on all of the points, helping our country and getting along with the other countries. Her husband is a rounder and she would be answering the phone at three in the morning by saying "Where are you Bill at this hour."
Her decisions haven't all been good. The bills that Obama has interduced in the senete and congress have been a lot more than hers. His has been for improvement for the people, Hers has mostly been for naming libarys after different people and a special day for one. Read the congressional and senet records it is there. I am a older woman retired nurse, so that puts me up there in age and would love to see a woman in the office, but not her. I want someone honest in the office for a change. not a emotional filp floper. Who sitting at a table with other countries will either have a sarcastic look on her face or be in tears.That is not what I want to represent me as a woman. I like what Obama is trying to do and respect him for trying. I don't care if he is black or white. He is just a man trying to do what is right. Look at the man not the color. We are a country that needs to be pulled together. She won't be able to and she wouldn't win the election if ran againt McCain. There are too many people like me that would change to him if she got it by playing dirty politics.She lives in a glass house that has done a lot wrong while in office as president excuse me as first lady.She was a co president. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

I'm glad Obama took the offensive as far as releasing his side of the Rezko issue.

It does not color my opinion of him one bit. When you set this one issue against a pattern of similar or worse issues involving business deals or lobbyists for either McCain OR Clinton(s) it's a non-issue for me.

I'd be hard-pressed to find any candidate who hasn't sold some part of their soul to get to the National Political arena. At least Obama won't owe his whole campaign to the lobbyists to get there.

As far as Obama's preacher, I guess he can't win. When he was being attacked for the lie regarding being a Muslim, no-one wanted to acknowledge his Christian membership to a local church. Now that he's established his bona-fides as being a Christian, now his preacher is too fiery.

I don't agree with his preacher, but given the history of our treatment of the Blacks, I understand how they might have generated some rhetoric upon occasion etc. Anyway, Obama has made it plain he repudiates hate language, as have McCain and hopefully Hillary means it too.

Now let's concentrate on the issues, and elect the one we believe gives us, the plain common man, the best chance at representation without having to have bundles of cash in hand to do so.

"I" think that's Obama, but you should vote as you see fit. Just don't vote "against" someone because you're afraid of his color or her gender. I honestly don't have anything to say against John McCain, but cannot vote for George Bush or a continuation of his policy's.

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