Obama watcher shows up at Rezko trial

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U.S. Sen. Barack Obama has someone attending the Tony Rezko trial.

A woman sitting in on jury selection was identified as attending court "for Obama," when a courtroom security officer asked all the people in an overflow courtroom to identify their organizations.

I had just asked the woman sitting near me (who was taking detailed notes) for whom she worked. "Actually, I can't say right now," she said. Just then, the security officer asked everyone in the room what organizations they represented. He pointed to her and said: "I know you're for Obama," then continued. She looked at me sheepishly and acknowledged she worked for the Obama campaign.
Such courtroom watchers are usually sent in to keep their parties apprised of daily happenings at trial.

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Wny does Obama need anyone in court for him?

I would venture a guess that someone is taking notes on behalf of the Republican Party too.

In addition to why does he need someone in court for him, why wasn't the person truthful from the outset instead of saying, "actually, I can't say". Only when the security officer asked, was she identified as working for Obama. He'll probably deny that he had someone there just like he denied the connection to the Canadian govt on NAFTA.

"why wasn't she truthful from the outset"? Since when did Natasha Korecki become a judge or a cop? Don't be such an idiot. The lady is not under any obligation to tell Natasha who she's representing. Besides, the lady in question is not here to tell her side of the story so this fool can publish anything.

Campaigns, like news organizations send representives to events like this. The Clinton campaign sent representatives to the trial of her contributor Norman Hsu. They also had someone reprsenting Hillary in the Peter Paul corruption charge against Hillary. Obama has NEVER been charged for any wrong doing. Now that she has introduced negativity, more of these will probably be brought out when the Obama campaign throws her the kitchen sink in Pennsylvania. Speaking of returning the favor.

This is indeed a creepy habit of the Obama campaign workers--telling people "I'm not here," or "I can't tell you my name." They are following orders from the Obama campaign. This is not right. What's really disturbing is that they tend to be under 25--people who have grown up during a time of NO regulated media. They do not know that all politicians used to be subject to scrutiny of the news media. They view such scrutiny as 'attacks' or 'negative' treatement of their candidate. This scares me.

All issues have multiple questions and answers. However, there is ALWAYS a central theme, a central question. The question to President Nixon on Watergate was : what did you know and when did you know it ?? The central question with Obama is : when did you know Rezko was under scrutiny, under indictment and when did you separate yourself from him AND HIS ASSOCIATES. Until he answer that, he is not fit to run for president.

if he had nothing to hide, then why did he send this woman to go see what was going on at the trial.you would think he would stay as far away from there as he could. it sure puts up red flags
jo oklahoma

Obama did favors for Rezko along with the shady real estate deal .Obama wrote letters onRezko's behalf all the while receiving big domations from Rezko, he also hired an intern that was a son of a friend of Rezko's at Rezko's urging

Tony Rezko is an opportunist. He wrongly thought that any money (probably all written off in taxes)would allow him to break laws. I doubt that Senator Obama or anyone else accepting donations from this chump would have ever agreed to let them exploit the connection. Senator Obama's office has been trying to help me with my tenant social justice work. It has been the city (the city who let Rezko be a slum landlord)who has been interfering. After waiting for months for the city visit on behalf of Senator Obama's two congressional inquiries regarding why the city will not enforce codes and ordinances, the city conveniently goes off and looks at a building I left over one year ago. Senator Obama is a good person and wishes people well. When losers are cornered they reveal themselves and will lie and accuse. I ask why the media is not questioning why the city let a Rezko cat prosper.

To Ken S

Your comment, pasted below, is relevant. The only critical issue, in my opinion, for this election, is the capital markets designed now by the federal reserve and grandfathered the GOP, to fleece the flocks.

Bill Clinton stopped them in their tracks in 1993, and from that moment forward, the Clintons were the targets for destruction...If it took Newt and others the rest of their lives, they would see to it that the Clintons never were given another chance to rescue this nation.

Folks like you and Obama are trying to hand deliver the head of Hillary to the GOP Planners, and thus remove the only realistic road block to the GOP Plan. Bill and Hillary dodged the same bullet that killed Garfield, Lincoln, JFK and most likely, MLK. ... enter Barry Obama, stage Left.

"Now that she has introduced negativity, more of these will probably be brought out when the Obama campaign throws her the kitchen sink in Pennsylvania. Speaking of returning the favor."

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