Obama comes up again

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Today in the Rezko trial, Barack Obama, as a state senator, was consulted on the makeup of a state board...

...at the center of controversy in the Tony Rezko trial. The defense showed a 2003 memo to jurors today listing Obama's name, among others, including Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, as having discussed the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.
Among the recommendations on that memo included Stuart Levine, who will act as the government's chief witness in the case. Levine has admitted to taking part in a kickback scheme while he served as a member of the board.
I will post that memo later today when it is released. The government has accused Rezko of stacking that board to ensure that Levine and others would vote his way to make money. The memo, which was an email from Matthew Pickering, states that Pickering and David Wilhelm recommended four people to the planning board and also supported the reappointment of current members, including Levine.

Also today, Jill Hayden, who headed boards and commissions for Gov. Blagojevich testified that Rezko or "T.R." as she said he was referred to in the office, held powerful sway over appointments to 300 boards. She said she dealt with Rezko often and that his recommendations, more so than others, usually stuck.

An addendem: Obama's involvement in this issue was in helping craft legislation that recreated the health planning board. The board was changed in 2003, downsized from 15 members to 9 and extended for five more years, among other changes. Obama was one of eight people to work on the legislation. The memo does not indicate Obama was involved in recommending board members.

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This is so stupid. Over and over, Obama has not been found guilty of any wrong doing and the press is so obsessed with this case. For God's sake, the Clintons have been involved in so many kickback cases. Why aren't those being reported.

You been under a rock? The Clinton's were investigated for over 10 years, they were found guility of nothing! The Bible says birds of a feather flock together, seems true about Obama, crooked politians,foreign (Iran and Syrian ) business men. Radical Preachers who support Farrakan. Weren't Syria and Iran named as axis of evil groups!

the clintons were found not guilty. in fact ,they lost 50 grand on the whitewater deal. get your facts straight. obama, however will be indicted at the end of the trial of rezko, id bet his 300 grand discount on his house quite a kickback.then well see whats really up

Obama is part of it all

Obama denied being more than a rare acquaintance of Reszko.

He seems to come up a lot as weaved into the fabric.

Obama needed Rezko's dirty money to buy the house he wanted. They looked at the house and lot together.

Obama needed his dirty money to start his campaign. He swore Rezko only gave him 20-60k over the years. He ended up giving 168k to charity, that was attached to Rezko.

That was nice of him give the money to charity to clear his conscious. but why not to the courts to get it back to the ones his friend swindled it off of?

Friends helping friends probably a life long bond.

He should of gave up the house also.

Of course Obama is involved. If he weren't, he would be eager to answer all the questions and put the whole matter to rest. He's hiding something. I pray we find out what it is BEFORE he is "chosen" the nominee...and not AFTER.

Would it not be better if we all find out now what is really going on with Obama an this? It will be very sad to get the nomination then all this crap explodes

Will the real Obama please stand up.


So Obama has an E-mail from the seller of the property saying they're accepting his offer of 1.65 million. Okay.
But to add that the reason they're accepting is it was the highest offer they received is odd; I would think that would be understood. The additional statement that our selling to you at this price has nothing to do with Rezko purchasing the property next door sounds like a statement that's in there to cover his butt.

Please note that now both Clinton and Obama have made charity gifts out of what appears to be corrupt money. Clinton with the Hsu proceeds and Obama with the Rezko money.

Did it ever occur to either of them to place the money in escrow, in case the courts identify a victim to return the money to?

Their choices speak volumes about both candidates' character.

Obama himself said they he should have seen the "red flags." He also said that he was "bpne-headed" when it came to his actions with Rezko! Out of his own mouth!!!

I'm really worried why the MEDIA seems to be pretty hush hush about Sen.OBAMA and REZKO. I will be truly dissapointed if he get's the nomination, only to find out that we have been BAMBOOZLED. He claims he is a candidate of TRANSPARENCY, well with THE MEDIAS HELP, HE SEEMS TO BE. Why won't CNN/MSNBC,(MEDIA)COVER this, yet they are quick to COVER Sen. Clinton's TAX RETURN. Which I'm sure to hear about it on April 15th, as BREAKING NEWS. Sen. OBAMA GOT A GREAT DISCOUNT ON A MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE THANKS TO TONY REZKO. "THAT BOY AIN'T RIGHT"!!!

While what Obama did in purchasing his house in a joint deal with Rezko (whether it was the wife or Rezko himself, it was still Rezko) may not be illegal, it does stink of being unethical and a "favor" by Rezko to Barack Obama and his wife. Think of it. Through Obama's own admission, he could not have purchased the house with the lot next door because it was too expensive. In fact, he said it was a stretch to purchase the house at all. The house and the lot had to be sold on the same day for the sale to go through. Obama purchases the house for $300K less than asking price but the lot goes for full price??? Why would Rezko, a real estate developer do this unless it was for a favor? Why he then sell a strip of land to Obama for $104K, which would then make his $625K lot unbuildable. The only reason a real estate developer who knows what they're doing would invest that way is because it's not an investment, it's a favor.

Welcome to the wonderful world of politics. You wouldn't have taken that deal if someone had offered you a chance to buy the dream home you couldn't afford? come off of it.

Obama is going to get dragged into this Rezko mess more and more as the trial goes on. And it's obvious Obama was involved with Rezko because Obama refuses to answer all the questions that the local media has asked him. As a republican the timing of this trial is perfect. By July or August, when Obama might already have the nomination, it might come full circle that Obama was deeply involved in Rezko's scams. But it will be too late for the dems to dump Obama.

What seller in this day and age comes down 300,000 off a $1.9 million house? Come on Obama, you got caught in the cookie jar letting Rezko pay an extra $300K on an empty lot that was probably only valued at 300K to begin with. This will bring you down eventually, if not in the primaries, certainly in the general election. Shame on You!

Obama and Rezko, Spitzer and hookers, Notre Dame and Vagina Monologues, Home Schooling and California. None of it matters to most Americans. Each one is just another Check-Out Stand Headline. Hanna Montana, Brittany, and "Dancing With The Stars" are the real headlines that attract our attention. "Oh Well, Marge did ya see what those wascally Republicans...I mean Democrats er Hey what's on American Idol tonight."

Speaking of Check-Out Stand Headline, The National Enquirer just released their latest issue. It has Sen.Obama on the front cover IT READS: OBAMA'S SECRETS. Based on what I've read about Sen. Obama, it seems pretty accurate, considering it the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. I don't believe the g-- part. If so, it looks like we're in for a long run. God have Mercy on us.

It appears that Rezko purchased the property in exchange for favors paid by Obama. Just a quick review of the Duke Cunningham trial and where he is today should give anyone who is considering a vote in this primary for Obama a reason to go to Senator Clinton.

If you want to get the entire story read John Batchelors report on Rezko, Obama, Frawley, and the international connection Auchi and Alsamaree. It's a much better read and it goes alot deeper then a strip of land. I hope Fitzgerald hangs these guys for treason.

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