Levine: Mell wanted to make money

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Stuart Levine said that Bill Cellini asked him for help in getting money through an investment firm for Blagojevich's father-in-law Dick Mell. The firm wanted to win a state board investment and the finder's fee would go to Sheldon Pekin, who was friends with Levine. Levine would kickback half the fee to Mell.
"Mr. Cellini called me and told me that he and I might have a big opportunity to do a big favor for Mr. Rezko and Mr. Kelly," Levine said.

"Mr. Cellini indicated very directly that he knew that Mr. Rezko and that Mr. Kelly were getting a lot of pressure from the governor's father-in-law, Dick Mell... for Dick Mell to make money.
And Mr. Cellini indicated to me that in the event that he, Mr. Cellini and I -- or I -- could help him solve this problem, it would greatly ingratiate us with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Rezko," Levine said from the stand.

Ultimately though: "As these conversations continued, I was told that Mr. Mell was not going to participate."

Levine said Rezko told Levine that Mell wouldn't participate but didn't say why. So then, Rezko shifted and asked that the same money would be directed to another individual, according to Levine. Mell, a Chicago alderman and estranged from Blagojevich, has denied any knowledge or involvement in the scheme.

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