Jury selection day two

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As Obama faces questions on the campaign trail, questioning starts for the next round of Rezko jurors

Jury selection is underway this morning with the next 20 potential jurors coming in for questioning. U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve is interviewing six to seven people at a time and about 40 are supposed to be questioned today -- possibly another 20 tomorrow. In the end, 12 jurors and likely six alternates will be chosen to sit for the trial.
While St. Eve hasn't yet made public who will stay and who will go, she seems to stop her questioning after a juror says he or she will not be paid for the entirety of the trial. The trial could take three to four months, which is a long time to go without a paycheck. The court offers jurors $40 a day, plus mileage.
St. Eve has said selection should wrap up Wednesday and opening statements could begin Thursday.

On day one of Rezko jury selection, Presidential contender Barack Obama's relationship with Rezko came under fire as he campaigned in Texas.
Check out Lynn Sweet's coverage:

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