Jury selection begins today

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As I reported in today's Sun-Times, Tony Rezko' is getting his day in court, as jury selection begins.

Tony Rezko's trial may stain Gov. Blagojevich and, to a smaller degree, Barack Obama. (AP photo)

Key an eye right here for regular trial updates on the Sun-Times' newest blog.

If you're curious about what's been reported in the past about Rezko, you can check out our archive page, where our major Rezko stories reside.

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It is misleading to say that "That same court filing (Rezko's) makes reference to presidential contender U.S. Sen. Barack Obama." In one article they cited "buried in page 59".

I read all of Tony Rezko's indictments and superseding indictments and finally found on page 59 of Stuart Levine's indictment that Stuart Levine (with whom there has been no Obama connection) received federal benefits in excess of $10,000 and did "corruptly solicit, demand, accept and agree to accept for the benefit of REZKO, LEVINE and others ...contributions from Individual J and Investment Firm 7 to a political candidate chosen by REZKO and LEVINE.' The timeline of this count (Count 22 of Levine's indictment) is "From in or about January 2004 through in or abut May 2004". I'm sure the Sun Times can research the files at the Dirksen Building on the 20th Floor and get accurate information. Barack Obama was not even a presidential candidate in 2004. And it is a known fact that Rezko contributed to a number of political candidates, both Democrat and Republican. It is also a known fact that in 2004 there were 7 Democratic candidates and a number of Republicans vying for the U.S. Senate, in addition to a number of State races.

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