Rezko Trial: Irony of all ironies

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Tony Rezko once appointed to same board at issue now in his trial.

This evening, the Associated Press reported that former Gov. Jim Edgar in 1998 appointed Tony Rezko to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board. Rezko's lawyer, Joseph Duffy, confirmed to me that Rezko was appointed but never served.

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There has been so much discussion about race, painting Senator Clinton and her supporters as racists.

Please investigate the: Huffington Post's website, March 13 2008.. Obama's church leader, Reverend Wright's video begins“ Hillary Aint Never been Called.....” There are several other videos that need investigating.

This should be brought to the attention of all Americans. Obama continues to go to this church. It is truly upsetting. How could Obama act like this shouldn’t be a concern for the American people.

The church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, also reveals a black value system and supports radical Islamic leader, Farrakhan. This is far from a peaceful Christian church. In many of Obama’s rallies he reminds his followers that he is a Christian. That is more than deceiving…it’s unfair and outright misinforming to ALL Americans.

This is serious.

I have a question: Has there ever been a suggestion of a link between the hospital board, where Rezko held so much sway, and Michelle Obama's job at the University of Chicago Hospitals?

Small world

Seems Hospitals are the big investment now days. Or a good non-profit to launder money in.

Michelle Obama is weaved into all of this.

Obama is involved in all this.

Obama's church is in the hospital business now.

Michelle was on the land board, Left the day her house closed.
coincidence I think not.Michelle Obama sat on Chicago’s Landmark Commission which dealt with two applications regarding this property: the first was simply to sell the property and the second was to subdivide the property.

The money, the power and the Greed, ties a lot of them together.

I guess someone that did not grease the gears when they were suppose to, got Rezko in hot water.

They all need investigated, and nothing covered up, no plea bargains to save their butts. Some one Needs to lay all the cards
out on the table and see what falls where.

These are people who are suppose to being doing the Right thing.

If it was you or me, They would investigate us and look in every nook and cranny and bare all. If it is fair for us, it should me more than fair for them. They are to the the epitome of truth, honor and the law. The example not the exemption.

I can tell you that neither Barack Obama nor his wife have been implicated in this scheme. And there's no accusation that either were involved with corruption on this board.

The property is a landmark. It is protected by laws to preserve the "property", not just the structure. This property is a beautiful corner lot gateway into a historic neighborhood. The O's used their positions in the community and her position on the landmark commission to influence the process of approving the subdivision of a landmark property for their own benefit. As community leaders and landmark property owners they are burdened and honored with the responsibility of protecting the property from developement and alteration. The subdivision exposes this gateway icon to developement for the benefit of a cheaper purchase price. This is a violation of the trust of the people. God protect the Whitehouse if they get in. Imagine a hot tub,flat screen and glitter marble in the Lincoln bedroom.

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