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State Rep. Jack Franks comes up at trial

Today in the Rezko trial, state Rep. Jack Franks, who sat on Hillary Clinton's campaign steering committee in Illinois, came up in documents introduced by the defense at Tony Rezko's trial.
Franks, also an outspoken critic of Gov. Blagojevich, worked as a lawyer for the controversial Mercy Hospital deal in Crystal Lake. The deal to approve that hospital is at the heart of the case against Rezko. Franks' name and that of his father, Herb, were on application documents. Others also wrote in support of the hospital and indicated they were asked to do so by "representative Franks," according to evidence at trial.

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Goodness, are All Government officials in Illinois crooked?

Well, well, well ... whatdoya know!

If Hillary Clinton isn't involved in anything shady, it isn't shady enough.

We're getting closer and closer to why she hasn't explained the picture she and Bill took with Rezko and why they have refused to release all financial information relating to any dealings with Rezko. WE'RE GETTING CLOSE ... day by day!

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