Enough to make a juror chuckle

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Today TRS Executive Director Jon Bauman takes a beating. Stuart Levine says of Bauman:
“Jon has a couple of personality traits that are problematic: He’s an arrogant guy and he’s stupid,” Levine is heard saying on a recorded phone call.
While reading the transcript of the call, a male juror laughs out loud, though quietly, putting his hand to his face and shaking his head. Levine also says Bauman is like a moth to a flame, calling Chris Kelly the flame.

Levine a member of the TRS board, who controlled a committee that recommends salary and perks to Bauman, said he had at times asked Bauman to write his own evaluation. Levine would then pass it off as his own to the rest of the board.
Did he write a positive evaluation? “Yes,” Levine said.
“Did he deserve it?” Niewoehner asked. “No sir,” Levine said.
Levine said he made sure to take care of Bauman and then Bauman took care of the proposals Levine wanted pushed through. Levine described Bauman as a great admirer of Blagojevich fund-raiser Chris Kelly.
“Chris Kelly is like a candle flame and he’s like a moth,” Levine could be heard saying on a recorded phone call. Bauman later got “hysterical,” and “almost went off the reservation,” because he got nervous over secret dealings with Levine, Cellini and others, Levine testified.

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This trial is getting a little close to Blogojevich, he was interviewed the other day and he didn't look so good, he was stuttering and stammering trying to avoid all questions pertaining to the Rezko trial. He said he wasn't paying attention to the trial that he's the Governor and he has a job to do. I almost felt sorry for him, I was thinking about sending him flowers but decided a more practical gift is more appropriate with the economy being so poor, I think I'll send him a big box of "Depends".

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