Dirtying up Levine

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Defense calls key witness "the most corrupt individual you'll ever see in your lifetime."

Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy tore into onetime GOP powerbroker Stuart Levine today, focusing on his drug use and his so-called life as a "con-man." Levine pleaded guilty and is central to the government's case.
Duffy said Levine was a name dropper who craved power and, after decades of supporting Democrats, "bet on the wrong horse" when Gov. Blagojevich took control of Springfield. (Though some might argue over how much "control" he really holds right now). Levine was a huge supporter of Blagojevich's rival Jim Ryan.
To continue to cut the same crooked deals he engaged in for years, Duffy argued, Levine had to prove he had access to the Democrats. He did that by dropping Rezko's name and making their relationship more than it seemed,
Duffy argued.
Levine was the one who sat on state boards and he "secretly abused those positions to secretly line his pockets," Duffy charged.
"Special K," Duffy said, pausing and looking at the jury. "And it wasn't a cereal."
Duffy described a 20-year history of cocaine, crystal Meth, ecstasy and more.
Levine got a pass on drug charges, Duffy said.
"What happened to the war on drugs?" he asked. Levine should be doing 15 years to life, he said. Instead, Levine talked about Rezko and cut a 67-month deal, Duffy said.
"This is the person the government asked you to rely on in determining the fate of a felllow citizen?"

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Any idea when Levine will testify?

Levine could testify before the end of the month. Prosecutors have said they plan to call Levine to the stand before Spring break. The court has scheduled that break for the week of March 24th.

The dirtying up of Levine isn't going to help Rezko. The testimony indicates that Rezko pushed for Levine to be appointed.

Yes, Levine is a drug addict. Yes, Levine is a crook. But those were the qualifications Rezko was looking for.

What if any Chicago Municipal Officials has Rezko or Levine been involved with?

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