Witness gets immunity

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This morning in Tony Rezko's trial, Judge Amy St. Eve immunized Thomas Beck

Beck should be an interesting figure in Rezko's trial. He was involved in a health planning board meeting when a vote was allegedly rigged to push through an $81 million Mercy Hospital deal. Beck is the former health board chairman and he owes his appointment to Rezko.
This morning, Beck was ordered to take the stand and given immunity from prosecution for his testimony. Beck allegedly aligned himself with fellow board member Stuart Levine to control that vote. With immunity, Beck is free to talk about illegal acts he may have engaged in without fear of prosecution. The only way prosecutors can charge him is if he lies on the stand.

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Was Michelle also on the Chicago Landmarks Commission - how did she get that position and what was she paid for that? Did her husband help her obtain those positions and was there a conflict of interest in this? Was Mr. Obama chairman of the Illinois Senate's health committee while Mrs. Obama was being paid over $100,000 per year ?
Isn't that a conflict of interest?
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