Rezko trial: Are jurors listening to Obama?

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Jurors in Tony Rezko's trial are not supposed to listen, watch or read the news. But Obama's recent comments might be tough to ignore.

Presidential contender Barack Obama's recent favorable comments toward Tony Rezko dominated headlines all weekend. The 18 jurors in the case (12 jurors and 6 alternates) are not supposed to pay attention to any news accounts. But ignoring a popular presidential candidate when he comes into town is a tall order. There's been a great deal of hype this weekend about Obama and Rezko's relationship. It turns out Rezko raised about $100,000 more for Obama than previously believed. And Obama said he is "saddened," by Rezko's situation and would be "disappointed" if Rezko is convicted. If there are concerns about media exposure, lawyers can ask the judge to poll each juror about whether he or she heard any news accounts.

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Do you people really believe the money raised has come from "the People"? He has out of the blue raised more money than any other candidate so far Ever! This has certainly come from backers that will be expecting him to carry forward the work they need done. Wise up you are not children to believe his absolute bull. He is being publicized and has commercial running all day long. He's being placed into the race by OZ... so look for Oz and you'll begin to understand....Auchi perhaps?

Wait a minute, wait a minute.....Obama is the guy who touts his superior judgment, right?

He says this was a "lapse" in judgment to enter this land deal with Rezko. So...we're supposed to accept that he has superior judgment...why?

I'm starting to "get" the support of the Chicago press for Barack Obama. It's the old, politics as usual, "Yeah, he's a bum, but he's our bum." This might explain columns written by Obama supporters who are appalled by the Rezko/Wright events but who still stand with their candidate. I hope Obama remains an Illinois bum and is denied the higher office. We've had enough bums leading the country.

Well if you are calling Obama a bum, then what are you calling Clinton, who has been in more scandles and done less for the people.Go to the congressional records and read what bills each one has put up. Then look at the wrong doings the Clintons have done. The scandles they have been in. Go Obama

During one of the presidential debates, Obama states that he only worked for Rezko for a few hours.

Senator Obama has lied so many times. How the heck could anyone trust what he says.

Senator Obama should just step down before he embarrasses himself and all of his supporters.

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