A Vrdolyak primer

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Edward "Fast Eddie" Vrdolyak came up in Tony Rezko's trial today. He retired from Chicago politics years ago. But it seems he still knows the players, given testimony in today's trial.

Here's five things to know about Ed Vrdolyak, written by coworker Abdon Pallasch last year.

May 11, 2007

1) Nicknamed "Fast Eddie" by Chicago Daily News writer Jay McMullen and "Darth Vrdolyak" by comedian Aaron Freeman.

2) Made a name for himself by leading the "coffee rebellion" of Young Turk aldermen against the autocratic rule of Mayor Richard J. Daley's City Council floor leader, Ald. Tom Keane (31st).

3) The first Mayor Daley's last public appearance on the day he died was shooting hoops with Vrdolyak at the dedication of a city gym in Vrdolyak's ward.

4) Reputed to be the only University of Chicago law student charged with "assault to commit murder" while a student. He was acquitted.

5) After two failed bids for mayor, Vrdolyak has shunned the limelight for the past 18 years, making a handsome living from his law practice -- aside from the month in 2005 the state yanked his law license for misleading clients, and making $1 million a year as counsel for the Town of Cicero before ally Betty Loren-Maltese was convicted and lost the mayor's seat there.

Abdon M. Pallasch

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