2nd Blago fundraiser to go to trial

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Today a federal judge set a trial date for Chris Kelly, former fund-raiser to Gov. Blagojevich.
Kelly's trial is set for Nov. 10.
Unlike Rezko, Kelly's charges have to do with personal, rather than public business. Kelly's accused of illegally paying his gambling debts.
(Also, prosecutors today said they expected Rezko's trial to end sometime in May.)


Kelly is accused of understaing his personal and business income by more than $1.3 million over five years.
Kelly, 49, of Burr Ridge, allegedly used money from his roofing company business to pay debts to bookies and casinos and tried to conceal the source of the cash. Kelly's name has come up pretty often at Rezko's trial. He's been named as a co-schemer in Rezko's case, but he hasn't been charged.

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If I were Kelly I would not worry a little bit. Levine has been corrupt for over 30 years, stealing from tax payers,taking bribes etc., and he's getting 5 years and having to pay back a small portion of what he stole. This charge is nothing, it will cost more to park his car in the city than this trial will cost him.

The charges for which Kelly is going on trial are merely an "appetizer" for him. The main course, filled with very serious superceding indictments, is likely to come - that is, unless he decides to start talking. It only took Scott "I'll never talk" Fawell a handful of months in federal prison to change his mind. Even a few days in prison is a long time for someone who's never been there.

Send him back to Tammany Hall!

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