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Who runs Vincennes?

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It might be a month away, but people are already talking about the most highly anticipated matchup of the season, Simeon at Morgan Park.

Morgan Park coach Nick Irvin isn't pulling any punches.

"We are licking our chops for Simeon," Irvin said. "Simeon is a good ball club with a good coach. At the end of the day we have the best player in the state (Wayne Blackshear) and the best shooter (Jerome Brown).

"Everyone wants to see this game. We beat them last time. We run Vincennes. That's the way it's going to be. We are coming after them."

For those of you not familiar with south side geography, both Simeon and Morgan Park are located off Vincennes Avenue.

Public League Holiday Tournament pairings

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All games at Crane
(in bracket order)

North Lawndale vs. Prosser, 4:30
Westinghouse vs. Dunbar, noon
Perspectives-MSA vs. Harper, 9 am
Foreman vs. Crane, 3
Farragut vs. Robeson, 7:30
DuSable vs. Julian, 10:30 am
Hyde Park vs. Uplift, 1:30
Orr vs. Harlan, 6:30


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