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The biggest loser ??? NOT

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This is not about weight loss but last weekend's Class 2A state finals in Peoria.

Did you know that tournament favorite Seton had lost more games this season than the rest of the Final Four combined.
The Sting was 29-2
It's semifinal opponent Winnebago was 31-0

And the other semifinal pitted unbeaten 31-0 Marshall (the Downstate town, not the West Side Commandos} against 32-1 Massac County.
That gave the four teams a combined record of 123-3 which translates to a .976 winning percentage

In the end, Seton finished in class of its own with one of the most dominating small-school tournaments ever.

A bit of trivia -- Massac County played Immaculate Heart of Mary in the 1987 girls Class AA state championship game. It is located in Metropolis, and last I heard, they had a Superman festival every summer.

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