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Mount Carmel's freshman sensation

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Check out this video on Mount Carmel frosh Malcom Hill-Bey...

Trouble at Bloom...

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First look at hoops skeds...

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Basketball schedules have started popping up at the office, here are some interesting games that I've noticed so far:

Nov. 29 - Warren at Waukegan
Dec. 2 - Bolingbrook at Joliet
Dec. 3 - Zion-Benton at Warren
Dec. 5 - Waukegan at Glenbrook North
Dec. 6 - Bolingbrook at Thornton
Dec. 9 - Glenbrook South at Waukegan
Dec. 12 - Mount Carmel at Fenwick
Dec. 12 - Evanston vs. New Trier at Northwestern
Dec. 13 - Shootout at University of Illinois (Waukegan vs. Rock Island and more)
Dec. 16 - Fenwick at De La Salle
Dec. 19 - Waukegan at New Trier
Dec. 20 - Hillcrest Shootout (featuring Hillcrest, Richards, Rich East
Dec. 20 - Moraine Valley Shootout (featuring TF North)
Jan. 10 - St. Joseph at Evanston
Jan. 16 - Evanston at Waukegan
Jan. 19 - MLK Shootout at Joliet featuring Joliet, Lockport, East Aurora, etc.)
Jan. 31 - Zion-Benton at Lake Forest Academy
Feb. 3 - North Chicago at Waukegan
Feb. 10 - Zion-Benton at Waukegan
Feb. 14 - Peoria Central at TF North (good chance to see fabulous frosh Bobo Drummond)
Feb. 14 - Mount Carmel at Lake Forest Academy
Feb. 14 - Glenbrook South at Schaumburg
Feb. 20 - Batavia Night of Hoops (Simeon vs. East Aurora, more to come)
Feb. 21 - Brehm Prep at Lake Forest Academy
Feb. 21 - Waukegan at Evanston
Feb. 24 - Glenbrook North at Evanston

Young is playing an unprecedented schedule. The Dolphins play in eight states: Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California and Ohio. They play national powers like St. Benedict, Oak Hill, St. Vincent-St. Mary, Mater Dei and St. Anthony.

But there will not be a bigger game all season than the conference showdown with North Lawndale at the Dolphin Dome on Jan. 15 at 6:30 p.m. Get there early.

Please send all boys basketball schedules to preps@chicagosuntimes.com or fax them to 312-321-0122.

Former Hubbard star contributes at California

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Check out this column on former Hubbard star Sean Cattouse:


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