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Big basketball weekend ahead...

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The Northern Illinois team camp at Moody, the Antoine Walker summer showcase at Eisenhower and the York tournament are all taking place this weekend.

Action kicks off Friday at Moody in the NIU team camp. The following schools are expected to compete...

Crandall Head is coming to Chicago

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According to his stepfather Bo Delaney, Head is transferring to a school in the Public League Red-West. Two of his brothers, Jeremy Head (a senior) and Johnny Roland (a freshman) will also be playing in the Red-West next season. Jeremy and Crandall Head both played at Rich South last season.

"All of them are going to be in the city, in the Red-West and at three different schools," Delaney said.

The Public League is currently laboring over a possible realignment that would increase the Red-West to ten schools, which reportedly would be: Marshall, Crane, Farragut, Young, Clark, Perspectives, North Lawndale, Manley, Clemente and possibly ACT Charter.

Crandall Head, an Illinois recruit, is considered one of the top players in the country in the class of 2010. North Lawndale, Young and Marshall are the top possibilities. Word lately has Jeremy heading to Crane.

"This is news to me," Marshall coach Courtney Hargrays said. "I don't know anything about the situation."

According to Delaney, Crandall won't be playing in the Illinois team camp at Moody Bible this weekend. Young, Crane and North Lawndale are all competing in the event.

Recruiting analyst Roy Schmidt says that if Crandall winds up at Marshall, Young or North Lawndale, that team immediately becomes the probable preseason number one.

"All three of those teams are already loaded and he would put them over the top," Schmidt said. "It automatically elevates the quality of play in the Red-West and should help bring things back to the ultra-competitive way it was in the past."

Lavonte Dority picks up an offer from Kansas

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Wearedepaul.com, the DePaul Scout site, is reporting that Dority, a rising junior guard at Foreman, has received an offer from Kansas coach Bill Self.

Dority also has offers from DePaul, Indiana, Iowa State, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

-Brandon Spearman looks good playing for Simeon, and the Wolverines are a darkhorse candidate for the number one preseason ranking. Before playing Warren, Simeon coach Robert Smith mentioned that Rob Robinson played very well at the UIC team camp late last week. Robinson continued his impressive play on Sunday. He was the most improved player I saw all day. Brandon Orange also played very well, as did sophomore Tywon Pinckney, who may start at point guard. I didn't see much out of highly-regarded sophomore Deshawn Greer. He had a decent amount of playing time and made a couple nice passes, but didn't do much else.

-I thought Lenzelle Smith was clearly the best player at the event. He was dominant. As recruiting analyst Harv Schmidt pointed out during the De La Salle-Zion-Benton game, Smith may be the best rebounder in the state. Warren's Brandon Paul finishes a close second. Unless something changes, don't expect Smith to wind up at Illinois though. He seems to like them, and they like him, but it just isn't a good fit the way things stand.

-Jereme Richmond was on hand and playing with Waukegan. Unfortunately, his on-court demeanor still leaves a lot to be desired. He just doesn't seem to be enjoying playing basketball right now.

-De La Salle's Mike Shaw has been off the past two weeks. I saw him play terrific at two club basketball events this spring, but he looks out of sync with his high school team right now.

-Don't listen to anyone that doubts Sterling guard Joseph Bertrand. He hasn't garnered rave reviews on the club circuit, but every time I've seen him play with his high school team, he's been terrific. He's the tallest and the best ball-handler of all the incoming Illinois guard recruits. That's a pretty scary combination.

Young will face Oak Hill in December

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A great lineup of games set for the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee on Dec. 13:

5 p.m. -- Milwaukee Custer vs. Richards

6:30 p.m. -- Milwaukee King vs. Marshall

8:15 p.m. -- Young vs. Oak Hill Academy

Are you hosting a summer basketball league?

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If you are, please email a schedule to mobrien@chicagosuntimes.com. YourSeason.com will be providing basketball coverage all summer long, but we can't come visit your league if we don't know the schedule...

Payne issued this statement today:

"Coach Wainwright and I mutually agreed that I will reopen my recruiting to pursue opportunities other than DePaul. Obviously, Coach Wainwright has been a long time family friend and this decision will have no effect on that relationship."

We should have more about Payne's recruitment later this afternoon...

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